Platanthera integrilabia

White Fringeless Orchid Federally listed: Threatened

From NatureServe Explorer: A slender, erect, white-flowered perennial orchid, up to 6 dm tall. The plants grow in colonies, from fleshy roots, usually with many sterile stems or leaves. The inflorescence is a terminal spike with up to 20 white, long-spurred flowers that are very fragrant in the evening. Blooms from late July to early September. The fruits mature in October (Ratzlaff 2001). Platanthera integrilabia is generally found in wet, flat, boggy areas in acidic muck or sand, and in partially, but not fully shaded areas at the head of streams or seepage slopes.

USFWS ECOS Species Profile:

Platanthera integrilabia, BONAP 2014

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